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Where THE QUANTUM and the invisible WORLD meet

A testimony from Tracey Cooper – her observations and insights from working with Traditional Peoples.  Traditional cultures show us the amazing connection between the world of Science and the Invisible world our First Nations people call Spirit. If you were to display the fields of frequency and energy science has calculated, you could stretch this […]

Canada, wow what a time we had!

Some beautiful photos to tell the story           Some of the experiences we had The first day we were there we found ourselves in a beautiful farmers market, talking with locals and connecting with the community, learning about the sustainable community centre and eating delish local produce. We then had the […]

The best of humanity is yet to come

So today, in a world that is reinventing itself, we think of the oldest model of sustainable community living. In a contemporary version of this, we have to look at how we create resilient communities in a way that brings all the modern technologies together with healthy cohesive creative and empowered community planning. This means […]

What does community resilience mean to you?

We constantly hear in the media and Government announcements, building a stronger, more resilient community or increasing community resilience is our strategic plan point 5; but we rarely actually see anything that tangibly measures or provides solutions for actually, meaningfully strengthening this in the real world. For us, community resilience means the ability for the […]

Youth Empower Project

Young people today know more about the world and yet they have no say in how it’s run. They are creative and innovative generation we have ever seen. The kids don’t do prejudice discrimination and fear its something that is learned creating community fracturing and disconnection. Lets instead encourage true collaboration a platform for young […]

Community cannot simply be made, it must be built

We hear a lot in the wider news about new communities being made all over the world, which is an exciting and inspiring story. To think that we can live differently, that the material foundations upon which we live can be shared and that nature is given a primary focus is a unimaginable inspiration that’s for […]

It’s such an interesting time on the planet right now

Some people are waking up to the realisation that we are going to live with irrevocable climate change and are fighting for society’s continued existence, some are building permaculture villages creating self-sufficient systems and food supplies, some are empowering community to take control of their energy future and some are developing technologies to make life […]

The Valley Centre’s 170acre Property – “The Farm”

It’s a place for community to grow It’s a sanctuary to vision the future It’s a place for our kids and their kids Somewhere to learn, vision, get skilled up, share It’s a place to come together Its our future; we are creating it right here The Valley property is a 170acre nature sanctuary with […]

Our global movement

Across the planet we are seeing incredible change. It’s really important for us to see the extent of this enormous movement of environmental and humanitarian work. Millions of organisations are working together to make this world a better place for our children and our children’s children. Everyone can play their part in their own way. Find out […]

A sign of the times

And a pathway for the future The Paris Tragedy, whilst devastating for all those effected, is an incredibly timely and powerful opportunity for all the organisations across the sector to work together and create real solutions for our young people and our communities. We need to implement a critical process, facilitated across the state, to ensure […]