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Working with Aboriginal Communities

One day we had very little connection with our First Peoples communities and the next, literally overnight, we experienced the most extraordinary thing; we met so many different Aboriginal people from all walks of life and suddenly our paths took on real meaning for the first time. The Valley Centre has been action-researching (which means, […]

What is The Valley Centre?

The Valley Centre projects empower all people from all walks of life. There is no one focus or audience, but a string of projects that can be taken up by a myriad of different people. Because everyone has something to give, something to offer, skills, attributes, understandings, experiences, that have a place in the world […]

The first “Coming Together”

THE POWER OF A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE IS UNLIMITED. We are one humanity, one heart, on one home; planet earth… Saturday was the beginning. Twenty people of great heart making a huge difference.  This was a day of building trust, honesty, true humanity, love, family and community with our Aboriginal Elders bringing huge healing and wisdom […]

2015: The year of change

Well if we had known in 1992 what was to happen now in 2015 life would have been very different. So it is when you work at a goal, planting seeds knowing they will grow into the dreams and visions you first see. 1992 saw the world’s first Earth Summit which was a great rocket […]

The Gift of Human Potential

As an artist and a poet, I see the world in colours and metaphor. Here’s something I saw recently. Inside each and every one of us there is a myriad of experiences, qualities, knowledges and ideas. One of them might be patience, knowing how to grow vegetables, paint a picture, the perseverance to dig a […]