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Our Community Vision… Healthy sustainable communities supported by resilient local economies, sound social frameworks and protected environments


  • Project Nardu: Sustainable Community Building
  • Community Network Programs engaging small business, local community organisations and schools
  • Support for Social Service Networks
  • Community Renewable Energy Projects

Projects and Events

  • Sustainable Planning, Capacity Building and Partnerships
  • Community Forums
  • Inspirational speakers and facilitators
  • Creative Community Celebrations

This section encompasses all things that relate to Community. This includes celebrating creatively, organic local food networks, community renewable energy, bringing together families and individuals, utilising existing resources and skills, strengthening relationships between diverse groups of people, creating communication channels between stakeholders, organisations and groups, as well as a key focus on creativity and family.

Project Nardu

Project Nardu is our main focus in this section, which seeks to help communities become integrated, cohesive and collaborative. We work with communities on the ground, developing relationships and implementing plans and ideas that are community seeded. We then bring in our Team of sustainability professionals who work in the fields of water purification, renewable energy, ecological agriculture and housing technologies. Thus providing the building blocks from which to build new communities, rebuild existing ones or supply sustainable infrastructure to neighbourhoods, towns or individual households.