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To ourselves, our community, our natural environment


  • Finding a Sense of Purpose in giving
  • Contributing to creating Sustainable Communities
  • Learning how to value self and others
  • Celebrations and Creativity


  • Holistic education
  • Community Connection
  • Workshops and presentations

When we feel a connection to ourselves, our community and the natural environment, we feel a deep sense of belonging, giving us a powerful sense of inner security. For individuals this inner security allows us to understand our potential and our purpose. For communities, it permeates the foundations and relationships, creating a cohesive and strong bond between all community members. When we are connected to the natural environment, we respect it deeply and know that we can be nurtured by all the systems that sustain us.

Twenty fifteen is about Partnerships

Collaboration, working together, inspiring each other, making change happen in teams. We have an amazing variety of organisations that are working with us in partnerships that are delivering programs, building innovative technology, learning and growing together in this huge journey of building more sustainable and resilient communities. From solar developers, to community organisations committed to a local piece of nature they are trying to save, to youth empowerment projects, exciting new housing technology, health and wellbeing programs, each are stimulating important changes in our own lives, in our communities and thus creating a stronger future.