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It’s such an interesting time on the planet right now

Some people are waking up to the realisation that we are going to live with irrevocable climate change and are fighting for society’s continued existence, some are building permaculture villages creating self-sufficient systems and food supplies, some are empowering community to take control of their energy future and some are developing technologies to make life easier and simpler.

And yet there is this underbelly of people who either don’t want to know about it or who don’t believe it. Married with violence and fear, the disempowerment factor spreading across the world is getting bigger and bigger. People are seeing sadness, suffering, acts of terror, idiotic political leaders, war and corporate greed, thus creating a view of the world that is pretty bloody horrible. Yes those things are happening and yes we have to do something about it, but honestly it’s only half the picture or indeed intact much less.

We don’t see the good stories, we don’t hear of the empowerment processes, we don’t hear of lifesaving technology, or if we do it’s hidden and buried under layers of other negative stuff. Thus we are seriously lacking in a vision of the future that is positive, that is powerful, that is local community driven, that is creative, sustainable, exciting, resilient, empowered.

We as actors in the movement, who are doing our bit to create a better world and work with those less able to see their vision through as well, have the responsibility to demonstrate the world that truly exists. To tell the stories that will inspire generations of young people that there is a positive world to grow up in. That it’s not all doom and gloom, that it’s not going to be the Trumps of the world that take us into the 22nd century. We have the foresight and thus it’s on us to show the rest of the world the vision we see.

What hope does humanity have otherwise?

There are hundreds of thousands of people getting up and demanding a better future against rampant climate change, there are communities across the world saying no to resource extraction on their territories and sacred grounds, there are people building such amazing technology that will enable us to live in harmony with the natural world and in community, there are groups tackling poverty and disease in less developed countries, there are nations receiving refugees and displaying their humanity in the small things they do for each other; never on the planet has there been more innovation and inspiration. never on the planet has their been such an opportunity for humanity to show it’s true beautiful colours.

Yes there is greed, yes there is suffering, yes there is domination and cruelty, but it’s only a fraction of human interaction, and we are not inherently bad, we are inherently good and it’s time to show the planet just how kind, generous and sharing we are.

April Crawford-Smith – Valley Centre Project Manager