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Our global movement

planet-earth-handsAcross the planet we are seeing incredible change. It’s really important for us to see the extent of this enormous movement of environmental and humanitarian work. Millions of organisations are working together to make this world a better place for our children and our children’s children.

Everyone can play their part in their own way. Find out where you can contribute. We all know the importance of positive perception for mental, social and emotional health. The more we contribute and become aware of this extraordinary work, we can share this in everyday life as an expression of that latent energy of enthusiasm inside us.

The more we realise we are part of this extraordinary change, the more connekalu yalactions can begin to be realised.

What interests you? Sustainability projects/technologies, community building, youth projects, working with homelessness, working with food production, renewable energy, women’s empowerment, saving animals, action on climate change, sustainable business, nature regeneration, housing projects, water conservation, neighbourhoods sharing and being together…?

Every single project can do so much more with the knowledge and understanding of the Global Movement that it is a part of.

Tracey Cooper