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Deepening our relationships with the natural world, living sustainable lifestyles to reduce our ecological footprint, encouraging people to be engaged in environmental protection.


  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bush Regeneration
  • Environmental Protection
  • Recreation and Youth Camps
  • Ecological Agriculture


  • Environmental Land Management
  • Nardu Young Australia Achiever’s Award
  • Educational and inspirational Workshops
  • Nature engagement tours
Our future is inextricably linked with the future of the environment, thus this section of the model encompasses all that relates to the natural world. Education and reconnection, wildlife sanctuaries for our endangered fauna, regeneration of landscape and ecosystems. Communities know their local environment better than anyone, so this responsibility can be supported by our education programs and networks. We also want to demonstrate how feasible and fun it can be to live with a low ecological footprint, one that supports the natural systems upon which we depend. Once communities and especially their young people feel a connection and responsibility for their local area, they will naturally want to see it protected and maintained for their children’s children, thus encouraging campaigning and advocacy for environmental protection.