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Our Projects

The Valley Centre runs four main projects that are all working towards building a better future for us all; with a foundation of the seven elements of our model. They encompass resilience, empowerment and positivity, and utilising technology to improve livelihoods and creating revenue streams, revitalising community and building self sufficiency.

Project 1 Sustainable Community Building

We are working with communities who have a vision to become resilient, self reliant and sustainable, with a key focus on energy, food production, housing, micro-businesses + water. Our team brings together experts who have their heart in their projects, working towards empowering humanity and respecting our natural environments. This is the main part of The Valley Centre’s work and forms the basis of our other three projects. How does it work?

a) Working with Aboriginal communities across the country, as they work towards their visions of resilience and sustainability, staying on country and practicing their culture
b) We work with rural and remote communities who have a vision to increase their self-sufficiency and sustainability
c) We run workshops across the city for urban environments and urban applications of our model

Some beautiful photos to tell the story

Invite us to your community, we’ll be happy to share our experience and work with you towards your vision!

Have a look at our community resource to get you thinking – then email us with your community’s ideas

Project 2 EcoWonderland

A Showcase for 21 century sustainable living

Imagine living in nature, where young people are the focus, where technology is used to assist daily life, where creativity & celebration are at the core, where wellbeing programs strengthen community, where Elders are our teachers and we are revitalising not impacting on the natural world.

The Valley Centre current has two properties where this vision is becoming a reality. Firstly, our Home/Office in Glossodia is host to workshops, retreats, community meetings, activations & events all for the purpose of integrating and building our above vision.

Parallel to this exciting progress is developing a MasterPlan for The Valley Centre’s 170 acre nature sanctuary, which will be the permanent, much bigger home of the vision. The end goal! This will host will the creative, technological, skill developing and community building activities.

Project 3 Youth Empower Projects

The Valley has spent it’s over 25 years with a focus on young people. They are our future and thus need to be prioritised and given a voice. Our Youth Empower Projects create a forum and an on the ground project space for the diversity of cultures engaging youth to celebrate and workshop the creation of their common future, reframing diversity from difference to the strength required to create new healthy resilient communities.

We run these programs at The Valley’s 170 nature sanctuary property and have been recipient of the top Federal Youth grant for environmental education. We are running youth and culture camps that are empowering and connecting young people to themselves, other youths and the natural world around us. Involving creative activities, survival activities, outdoors, camping under the stars and without communication technology. It’s so powerful and fun!

Young People are our Future


Project 4 Community Builders Network

To link all of our projects together and to build awareness of this growing movement, The Valley is hosting the Community Builders Network!

We host dinners every month, to connect like minded individuals, are planning visits to each of our properties where we are making this dream a reality, plus are planning on running a weekend of workshops to bring people from across Sydney altogether!

Have an idea of a project you’d like to run or to partner with us on something we’re currently working on or entirely new?

Simply head over to our Get in Touch page and drop us a line, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!