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Where THE QUANTUM and the invisible WORLD meet

A testimony from Tracey Cooper – her observations and insights from working with Traditional Peoples. 
Traditional cultures show us the amazing connection between the world of Science and the Invisible world our First Nations people call Spirit.
If you were to display the fields of frequency and energy science has calculated, you could stretch this in a line across the Australian continent. The field that the human mind can perceive in this range would only amount to a few hundred kms. This is how small the perception of the mind is. However peoples from cultures across the globe have connected with these higher frequencies or fields of energy, through their traditional ways of living and their innate connection with the natural world.
Through the electromagnetic field of the Earth and the fields of energy systems that encompass the cosmos, traditional people speak about this connection with the Oneness of Life.
The up shot of this is they have lived in harmony with the natural cycles and natural rhythms of nature for thousands of years. They have developed an atunement with these fields by developing this same innate and intimate connection with the natural world.
The human form like every other life form of course is part of nature but in order to feel this, the human being like all species of life has to have and develop this consistent connection with the natural world.
This relationship enables traditional people to maintain their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing as they experience these all to be connected to the natural world.
Now science shows us the very patterns and structures of these Quantum Fields, bridging this ancient innate human awareness, enabling us to move forward with ancient knowledge and the tools and understanding of Science.
This coming together of ancient wisdom and renewable technologies for example is an outstanding illustration of this relationship. Communities across the planet are bringing their traditional knowledge together with cutting edge technology to create sustainable resilient communities for many generations into the future.