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Sustainable Technology

Working together to create, share and utilise technologies that are ecologically sustainable so we can have a high quality of life in harmony with the natural world.


  • Eco-Living Programs
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Network Teams


  • Food production
  • Housing
  • Water and Waste
  • Renewable Energy
  • Architecture & Design
We are committed to researching and implementing the best practice in ecologically sustainable technologies to support and regenerate the natural world, while living a high quality lifestyle in harmony with nature. This encompasses the use of all technologies across all sectors of food production, housing, water, waste & recycling, renewable energy, architecture and landscape design. Showcasing how humanity can live with a low ecological footprint in a creative and dynamic way. 

Project 1 EcoWonderland Design and Building

We have a 170acre nature sanctuary which is completely dedicated to young people, where kids from all cultures and backgrounds can come together, to design and build how they would like to see their world, in an EcoWonderland. See the vision page for a snapshot of what we are planning in an artist impression!

Project 2 Sustainable technology and micro-businesses development

This project brings together a team of on-the-ground community facilitators who work directly with communities, through a process of rebuilding or developing new communities or applying our model to existing homes, suburbs & towns. We go through a process of relationship building and trust, moving onto the community developing it’s own ideas and plans, to create a more integrated, sustainable, cohesive community. We then engage our Project team, who are a team of professionals in key sustainability infrastructure including water purification, renewable energy, ecological food production and low cost DIY housing, which provides the basis for the community to flourish. An example of this is is our work with Pingala – Community Solar, which is building community owned and run solar farms in Aboriginal communities in the NW of NSW.

Project Partners

Pingala – Community Renewables for Sydney Pingala-final_RGB

Pingala is an ambitious not-for-profit association with a powerful vision for democratising, re-localising and greening our electricity production systems. They are achieving this by building community owned and run solar farms, which enable everyone to be a part of the solar revolution. This exciting project is exploding across Sydney as organisations, businesses and individuals are seeing the power of solar as a force for good. Pingala and The Valley Centre are working together in bringing community solar to the program of sustainable community building across the state. This is such an exciting time to be in the renewables space and working with Pingala.

Plug1 Electrical – Solar Developers

logo1As we work with communities to develop sustainable practices and resilient futures, our solar developer partners from Plug1 Electrical bring essential technological expertise, transparency, community ethic and on-the-ground experience. Combined with the community solar model from Pingala, Plug1 help us design, build and maintain our solar systems, bringing education and training opportunities as much as possible. The team from Plug1 Electrical are so obviously passionate about working with community to build real solutions, save on energy bills and get as much solar out there as possible.

Walltech – Housing Company

Walltech provide fantastic technology that is creating a new generation of housing based on DIY design and construction for considerably less than mainstream homes, which can be put up in a week. The materials are all recycled and once constructed are tsunami, fire, earthquake, cyclone and flood proof. This new way of conceptualising houses gives communities and families reduced financial impact, ability to be a part of the creation of their home and has minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Absolutely critical to building commuinty is access to affordable housing, thus working with Walltech is a critical part of our projects success.