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Our Team

We are extraordinarily lucky to be able to work with such a vast number of very talented, experienced people throughout all of our projects. It takes incredible courage, commitment and passion to truly change the world for the better. Meet our close Valley Team, who are responsible for the day to day driving of our vision and mission.

Tracey Cooper – President & Community Facilitator

Tracey Cooper

I think true human nature is found in Nature and this process of research and program design associated with Sustainable Eco-Village development will help us find our true humanity again to create a safe and sustainable world.

Tracey has spent over 20 years action researching the process of sustainable community building including work in film, early intervention programs, performing arts, environmental education, detox and healing, athlete sport and recreation while coordinating The Valley Centre’s projects.

April Crawford-Smith – Project Manager


My passion in this life is helping people to reconnect with their roots in nature and themselves. Through creative expression, proactivity and constructive action, contributing to making the world a better place.

April has been working in the environmental campaigning and community organising sector for many years, with experience in creative community performance nights and is a co-founder of Pingala – Community Renewables for Sydney, building community owned and run solar farms.

Sergej Kolke – Technology Partners Manager

Sergej Kolke

I love technology and I love nature. I believe we need to find our way back to nature and our true selves, so we can develop technology, which helps us live happy lives.

Serge has a background in bio-mechanical engineering, and thus has a great love and fascination for technology. Especially that which can help humanity improve for the betterment of our relationship with the natural world.

Lydia Grossmann – Media & Communications Manager

Lydia Grossman

I love connecting people from all fields of life to create a foundation for humankind by uniting every individuals’ skills, passions and talents.

Lydia has a background English Languages, Literature, History and Cultural Studies, working in Public Relations and the Arts in Berlin, leading projects such as the Australia Pavilion in the Venice Biennale. In Australia, she has been Team Coordinator for the NBN. Lydia brings the arts and culture to The Valley Centre, coordinating projects and building relationships between the sustainability and art world.

Samantha Alexander – Youth & Aboriginal Programs Manager


I believe everyone should be given opportunities and pathways in life that are empowering, work to people’s strengths and with a “never say never” attitude.

Samantha Alexander is passionate about justice, youth at risk, disability inclusion ad equity, social justice and Aboriginal rights. She is currently studying forensic mental health and has a background in criminology and criminal justice, community outreach, business management and youth empowerment. Samantha has worked for a number of different charities facilitating community empowerment and building relationships, with advocacy as a huge part of her work.

 Zondrya Vyncent – Wellbeing Program Coordinator


I believe that humanity have the power to rebuild our wrongs and create a positive future for all.

Zondrya has a background in marketing and communications in English and Australian based companies. Recently she left this life to undertake a much more grounded, purposeful path of art therapy, shamanism and working with young people to bring about healing, empowerment and connection. She is a soft and strong asset to the team, with a conscious perspective of the world.

Katie Crawford-Smith – Events Manager


I love everything about the earth and nature and what it can provide us. I believe this needs to be cherished and nurtured so we can give the most we can and in turn gain, as much as we can.

Katie’s background is in Catering & Events Management; through her skills and experience of events she wishes to build awareness, share the visions and projects of the Valley Centre to as many people as possible. Her parent’s background in sustainable communities and environmental protection has inspired her to follow in their footsteps.


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