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Our future

Young People are the keys to our future. They are not responsible for the previous generations igorance, however they are one of the most innovative cohort we’ve seen, and thus have the creative and intellectual impetus for making the world a better place and solving some of the major social and environmental crises we are facing. We owe them the space to be heard, be a part of decision making and steer us in the right direction with their passion and commitment.

    What we have done

    • Building youth self-esteem, belonging and hope
    • Early intervention programs
    • Researching the issues that kids face; homelessness, multicultural challenges, working with kids that don’t fit the education system, refugee young people
    • Young Offender Nature Sanctuary Program
    • Nardu Young Australian Achievers Award design and federal tender
    • Challenge Day in Australia

    What we are currently doing

    • Creating On Country Youth Programs with Aboriginal Elders
    • Nardu YAAA at the Valley property
    • Working with Youth at risk
    • Multicultural Youth Program in Campbelltown w/ Young Spirit Mentoring
    • Working with Youth leaders from the major religions, all coming together to form an action team for our future
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    Each of us has an extraordinary purpose and many talents to contribute to building safe and sustainable communities. Young people in particular, given the inspiration and attention through programs, opportunities and ideas have the potential to contribute to their communities in very powerful ways. This process strengthens networks and increases capacity of the community, but most importantly it gives young people an opportunity to discover who they are; their place and purpose. This is the heart of this section of our model.

    Project 1 Metropolitan & On Country Multicultural Youth Programs

    We are working with Aboriginal Elders in both metropolitan Sydney and areas of Western NSW, developing and enacting powerful workshops and camps, focusing on young peoples self esteem; place in a multicultural Australia; connection to country; community and self; learning from young people from different backgrounds and the many different stories. Specifically tackling youth at risk, steering away from the correctional system and into a positive solutions based future.

    This is all based on the model of “One Family, one Humanity, on One Home Planet Earth”, as we have seen, learnt and enabled through our projects working with Aboriginal and multicultural communities and their youth and kids at risk.

    In the process TVC has engaged Church Leaders and those responsible for youth, with regards to the role they play as mentors and how this supports young people to feel that they church leaders are relating and working together, thus showing that there is no separation. This will break huge ground in bringing diverse communities together.

    Project Partners

    Young Spirit Mentoring Program

    This incredible Youth Program facilitated by Young_SpiritAboriginal Elder Uncle Dave Bell combines fitness training with youth empowerment, community and family support, nutrition and discipline sees hundreds of kids in the Campbeltown region inspired and with a sense of belonging, and critical pathways to future training and employment. For of children and young people with little support or positive vision for their future, Young Spirit Mentoring gives them opportunity, friends, purpose and positive discipline to finish school and build the life they want to have for themselves d families. The Valley Team support, provide critical advice and resources building on the programs huge potential and harnessing the commitment of Elders, parents and community in the region. We also run activities at The Valley Home Office, rewarding the kids with time spent in nature, learning new skills and sharing with their peers. It is constantly inspiring to be working with such an on the ground community program that is seeing powerful results for youth and their families.  

    Project Casestudy

    Youth Empowerment and Leadership – Nardu Young Australian Achievers Award

    00002Our key focus for Youth is empowerment and development of young leaders. This is best seen in our program Nardu Young Australian Achievers Award. Young people go through three different levels of engagement and leadership. Starting with the Bronze Award which facilitates a reconnection to Nature, learning survival skills in the bush with a team of other youth. This level is 10undertaken on The Valley Centre property, the 170 acre nature sanctuary near Wiseman’s Ferry. It is an extraordinary adventure, where kids learn so much about themselves and each other. The second level, Nardu Silver Award facilitates the process of project management and personal proactivity. The kids have a major project in their community, 003they have to design and implement. With the final level, Nardu Gold Award, see young leaders honing skills, engaging with their community, developing leadership and educational skills. Once finished all the levels, Australia’s youth are empowered, engaged, skilled up and passionate social change makers.