Supporting the rebuilding of sustainable resilient communities


We believe that every community has the right to drive it’s future, are stewards of the natural world around them and know best how to solve the issues they are facing.

We work directly with communities to achieve their sustainability, wellbeing, resilience, revenue stream building strategies. Our team is on-the-ground, mobile and experienced in business plans, strategy, visioning, finance, communications, project management and masterplan design.

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Snapshot of our projects


Supporting communities suffering Energy Poverty

We are developing the Indigenous Solar Rolling Fund which will offer households 0% loans for renewable technology, alleviating immense energy poverty and stress in remote Aboriginal communities.

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Solar-powered greenhouses

Large scale food production built in glass-houses powered by solar, combining new technology in the horticulture, glasshouse, solar and water recycling sector. Providing employment in the construction phase, the administration of the business and ongoing operations such as maintenance and distribution of food, including skilled and non-skilled labour.

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Nation building with First Nations communities

Our foundation is strong relationships, community driven process and transparent communication, so that we bring the best of both worlds to the partnership; i.e. local knowledge and cultural context, with networks and specific expertise. A key part of this is bringing education and awareness to the city communities of the struggles and visions of Aboriginal Australia.

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Ecowonderland Training & Research Centre building

The Valley Centre’s 170acre property on the Hawkesbury River has long been earmarked as a technology showcase and training/research centre.

TVC has run programs there with young people, training days, retreats and workshops on the property, building the vibrancy and excitement for such a project.


Ancient wisdom new technology documentary

Showcasing how communities across the globe are tackling some of the times biggest challenges and creating jobs, sustainable projects in the process. Demonstrating the power of the ancient wisdom of generations and how, combined with new tech, will give us a way forward for the whole planet.

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Communities on Country. Creating jobs. Locally driven solutions.

Every communities knows their issues and how to solve them whilst creating powerful long term solutions that give communities opportunities that are locally driven and for the community.


 Founded in 1992, TVC has an extensive history of working in the sustainable community sector.

Let’s build a greener, safer, more empowered planet, together.