project 2

Solar-powered aquaponics


High yield high quality food production

Community controlled and led projects on Country that provide jobs and quality food, income streams and agency to address their challenges and move forward as a community.


Community controlled business

The local community will benefit from not only direct and indirect employment but community contract farms will be established in surrounding areas to supplement the income of local fisherman, farmers and youth reducing unemployment and providing a career path for those interested in high tech farming as well as providing healthy chemical free produce not normally available to the local food chain in remote areas. 

remote community solar project TVC & Pingala.jpg

Agency and ability to fund not-for-profit projects in the community

When built the large central farms become the centre for not only growing vegetables but will be large enough to provide for a base supply of crops suitable for fish feed production, (one of the two highest costs in fish farming), waste conversion into high end natural fertiliser and contract farm food processing.

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