Our wonderful partners

We’re all about working together, complimenting each others skill sets and doing what we do best, while our partners do theirs!



DICE AUSTRALIA - idnigenous renewable tech company

DICE is a proudly Indigenous owned and operated company now in its 10th year of operation, and has become a leading service provider to the construction industry in Darwin, throughout the Northern Territory and now right across Australia. This is due to our efficient and reliable service. We pride ourselves on our high standards and fast service to deliver desired outcomes for your needs on time and on budget.

Their OASIS Strategy provides communities to access to water, food, housing, health and telecomms tech, enabling communities to stay on Country and access contemporary smart technologies.

DICE is our renewable tech delivery partner for projects right across Australia.

australian energy foundation

The Australian Energy Foundation is leading the way to an equitable zero carbon society. We accelerate the energy transition by empowering communities to take action. In 2000 we started as a grass roots organisation. Now we have grown to be a national organisation that works in partnership with all levels of government, the energy industry, academia and social good organisations to have a positive impact across Australia.

Our vision is that all Australians have access to the affordable and clean energy they need to be healthy, have meaningful work, maintain financial stability, connect with their community, prosper though continuous learning, and live in a thriving natural environment. It is a society where everyone uses energy from 100% renewable sources.

AEF have been a critical partner in the development of the Indigenous Solar Rolling Fund.

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Pingala - community renewables for sydney inc.

Pingala is a leading community energy group, committed to delivering “Fairer Energy” outcomes for consumers, citizens and communities. As well as being a trusted brand with a strong reputation for collaboration and putting communities first, Pingala has key competencies in developing and delivering innovative new energy business models. Our key initiatives cover community finance for solar, solar gardens, working with Aboriginal communities and developing Pre-Power Co-ops. Each initiative leverages the strengths and assets of Pingala pushing boundaries in the energy space and putting communities at the heart of the transition to renewables.

Pingala is our key partner on helping communities set up their own solar co-operative or local energy business.

vovo productions

At VoVo Productions, we utilize our backgrounds in the sciences, business, and over 17 years of experience in audio-visual production to produce videos that actively deliver your message to the world.

Vovo have serviced a range of clients from internationally renowned branding agencies, public relations firms, technology companies, consumer product companies, governments, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, all the way to fashion and entertainment groups.

Vovo is the Producer of the Global Film collaboration, based in Vancouver.

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W Dusk Group

W Dusk Energy Group Inc. is an Indigenous owned firm that has the privilege to work in beautiful communities throughout Canada and soon Internationally. We are a team of like-minded professionals operating in tandem to strengthen community development initiatives such as planning, local economic growth, policy, food systems and infrastructure development.

Our core passion and focus is assisting communities to become self-reliant through renewable energy empowerment with a systems based, community-driven approach.

W Dusk is our key partner on cross-pacific Nation collaboration and visionary for the Global film creation.


Corporate Associates


bank australia

At Bank Australia we say our money is clean because we never lend it to industries that cause harm to people or the planet.

As a customer owned bank, we believe it’s important to use our customers’ money in responsible ways, creating positive impact for people, their communities and the planet.

Bank Australia has been a key funder of our projects.

Solar analytics

Solar Analytics provides smart monitoring and home energy management to ensure that solar systems are performing as expected, and to allow residents, businesses, and organisations to make the most of their energy.

They are our monitoring and display supplier.

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ERM - Environmental resource management

ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting services, delivering innovative solutions for industrial and non-industrial clients every day.

ERM Foundation have been a core funder of our programs as well as providing invaluable advice to our team.


ENEA Consulting are a leading strategy consultancy maximising energy transition and sustainability opportunities. They advise and support industrial and institutional actors in the energy sector.

ENEA have been a key partner in discussions of the development of the Indigenous Solar Rolling Fund.