Project 1

Helping communities suffering from Energy poverty


In a collaboration with our many partners and supporters, TVC is working hard to assist struggling communities to have the chance install their own renewable technology, train their young people and alleviate immense energy poverty and stress.



Encapsulated in this excellent film of the context and vision…


We are developing the Indigenous Solar Rolling Fund which will offer households in Aboriginal communities in regional and remote Australia no-interest loans for solar energy, alleviating immense energy poverty and significant levels of everyday financial stress in remote Aboriginal communities. We are starting with a community in Brewarrina NSW where we have identified 56 houses that require support. 

The Rolling Fund will enable Indigenous communities to install solar (and if funding becomes available batteries) into their communities to manage their own energy, drastically improve energy affordability, increase energy literacy and create opportunities for local employment.

All the funding – the donations given, grants received and in-kind support - will be utilised again and again, as each household pays back the capital for their installation over a ten year period. This capital will then be utilised to install solar on new households in other communities of need. Every dollar will be multiplied significantly, hence the term "Rolling" fund. 

Our on the ground experience in community consistently demonstrates the huge need for financial relief and local economic development across remote Aboriginal Australia and this program will see immediate savings from energy bill reduction and long term impacts in terms of independence, self-sufficiency and employment for communities that have extremely limited access to opportunities.

What we've seen is that renewable energy is a catalyst for future self- sufficiency projects.

The communities then want to look at food production, housing and water projects. Thus energy is such a critical step.