project 4

EcoWonderland Training

& Research Centre

An innovation, events and research centre where young people can be trained in the skills they need to rebuild their communities.


Artist impression

The artists impression give a vision for what’s to come The focus is on education, training and research on the best renewable technology of the day.

Imagine living in nature, where young people are the focus, where technology is used to assist daily life, where creativity & celebration are at the core, where wellbeing programs strengthen community, where Elders are our teachers and we are revitalising not impacting on the natural world.

The Valley Centre current has two properties where this vision is becoming a reality. Firstly, our Home/Office in Glossodia is host to workshops, retreats, community meetings, activations & events all for the purpose of integrating and building our above vision.

Parallel to this exciting progress is developing a MasterPlan for The Valley Centre’s 170 acre nature sanctuary, which will be the permanent, much bigger home of the vision. The end goal! This will host will the creative, technological, skill developing and community building activities.