Success Stories

Meet some of the incredible communities we are working with that are changing the goal posts of what’s possible in sustainability resilience projects


1. Rolling Fund House Pilot Program

We just want to be able to put food on the table and fuel in our car. The cost of electricity rose so high we couldn’t afford to turn a light on.
— Uncle Isaac "Ike" Gordon, Nyemba Elder Brewarrina

In order to ascertain benefits in real terms of installing solar and batteries on to the roof of an Aboriginal families home in remote NSW, we did a test case on the roof of Uncle Ike’s home.

We installed a 6kW solar system and a 10KwHr battery and here are the results!

  • 84% reduction in his bill

  • Over $2080 savings per quarter that he can spend on his families wellbeing and education

  • Upwards of $8,000 per year

  • 13,140kW produced over the year, half of which can be utilised from the battery storage

  • 120tonnes of GHG abated with his self-powering solar system

Uncle Ike helping young Holz trainee to install solar on his house

Uncle Ike helping young Holz trainee to install solar on his house


2. Atherton Tablelands Mob

We just want to be able to live on Country. To create jobs for our kids. To regenerate Country and protect it for future generations. So that we can regenerated and heal ourselves.
— Uncle Eddie Turpin, Mbarbarum Nation

Some of the initiatives they are pursuing

  • Ranger Country protection and regeneration programs from mine sites, pollution and other activities performed without their permission

  • Native nursery building and native plant propagation for education, bush tucker and medicine, rainforest renegeration

  • Education programs and Country reconnect programs for young people


3. Townsville Education and sovereignty

We know the issues and we know how to solve them. We just need good hearted people to help us make that happen.
— Uncle Wagan Guburu, Wadja Elder

Some of the initiatives Uncle Wagan is employing with his people

  • A Traditional Knowledge Centre on Country

  • Sovereignty and community diplomacy programs, including the Netat Ad Tribal Confederation


4. Mt Isa Youth Program engaging Police and Child Protection

Our kids were being knocked around and hassled by police. We needed a solution that kept them off the streets from being hassled. We sent letters to all the agencies in the area and now we are leading the development of a youth program that will help our kids heal.
— Aunty Christine Doyle

How this initiative is progressing

  • Situation with kids getting out of control

  • Aggressive behaviour continuing and experienced whilst TVC representatives we’re in Mt Isa

  • Letters written to all the heads of Departments and Agencies; Child Protection, the Local Mayor, Local MP, Head of Police, State Premiere, calling the shots on how to fix the issues

  • Calling on culture and sovereignty, know that western ways of punitive measures weren’t going to progress anywhere

  • Now developing a traditional cultural program that enables kids to be themselves and find their position in life