Canada, wow what a time we had!

Some of the experiences we had

The first day we were there we found ourselves in a beautiful farmers market, talking with locals and connecting with the community, learning about the sustainable community centre and eating delish local produce.

We then had the incredible honour of taking part in a Water Ceremony put on by the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, bringing protection and strength to their community. They are in the middle of fighting a pipeline that will go across their territory threatening their water supply and salmon habitat. What warriors they are. So strong.

The next week we spent preparing ourselves for the Renewable Cities Conference held in Vancouver city, both The Valley Centre and Pingala were invited to put on talks about our work, which was an amazing chance to share our stories and meet awesome people from around the world!

We had the lucky chance of meeting David Suzuki in the middle of this! Our close relationship with AllGrid Energy created the connection and we had a wonderful few hours with David, sharing more deeply about what’s happening with First Nations in Australia and gaining support for what’s happening here.

We then spent three days in the region of Hope, learning and connecting with the Territory there, meeting local Leaders and seeing first hand their incredible projects. We spent time with the Lower Nicola Indian Band, who have done some awesome solar projects on the rooftop of their school and sharing the idea of a First Nations Renewable Energy Congress sometime in the new year!

After that we travelled to Vancouver Island and spent time with the Coast Salish Peoples, again seeing their incredible community development work, buidling local businesses, creating jobs and economic independence for their Nations.

Special thanks must be given to Betsy Agar who hosted us whilst in Vancouver, sharing and orienting us.

Wow what a time!

April Crawford-Smith